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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We gladly accept your devices even if you don't have everything that it came with. All you need to send is the handset, battery and battery cover to receive the maximum price quoted for your trade-in. Non-essential accessories will not increase the trade-in value (i.e charger, earbuds, manuals, etc...).
Every device that comes in is wiped clean of all information, whether you've already done it or not. Please see our privacy policy for more information on our data security policy.
You can sell as many as you like. Multiple units, in some cases, may require additional processing time.
There may be a few devices out there that aren't in our database. However, we're always updating the website with new products and categories. If you don't see your item, use this Contact Form to let us know. We'll research it and let you know if we can make you an offer.
Our technology utilizes market data from a variety of sources to determine the true market value of your item.
If a discrepancy comes up during the inspection process, we'll email you with our new offer and the reason behind the changes. You can accept the offer or ask that we return the item.
If you disagree with our revised offer, you can decline our new offer and opt for the device to be returned.
We pay via PayPal or check by mail. You designate which method of payment you prefer as part of the checkout process. Please note that Paypal will take approximately 3% of the proceeds as their fee
Once your device arrives in our facility it will be logged in and you'll receive a confirmation within one business day. If it arrives on Saturday you'll receive confirmation on Monday.
It should take just a day or two for us to visually evaluate and test your device.
Once your device is approved for payment we will pay by either PayPal or Check. PayPal is the fastest but PayPal takes approximately 3% as their fee for processing. Checks are all processed through our online bill pay and can take 5-10 days to arrive once the payment is processed.

An email will always be sent when a payment is processed detailing when you can expect to receive it.

Note: During times of excessive volume processing times will be extended. We will post a notice on the main page of during these times.
We can buy any item of value regardless of its provenance.
We believe that remarketing is the highest form of sustainability. We promote remarketing first and recycling as a last resort.
"Find My iPhone" is a feature for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch that can help locate your device if lost or stolen. If not deactivated he issue becomes that the new user can not activate the device. For this reason we cannot offer full trade-in value for devices with Find My iPhone enabled. To ensure a speedy process, please make sure to turn off Find My iPhone before sending it to us.
How to turn off "Find My iPhone"
Locate and tap the "Settings" icon on your device's home screen.
Tap "iCloud" in the Settings menu.
If Find My iPhone is ON, tap the slider to turn it OFF.
If you are prompted to enter a password, enter your iCloud password and tap "Turn Off".
Contact your wireless provider and clear any issues that may be causing your device to remain active.
An ESN is your devices Electronic Serial Number and it may be active for one or more of the following reasons:
The device still holds an "Active" account status with the carrier.
The account associated with the device has an outstanding balance.
The device has been reported as lost or stolen.
If the ESN is not clear for activation, we will notify you via email and hold the item for 5 days. You will need to contact your wireless service provider and clear any issues that are causing your item's ESN to be active. Once cleared we will continue our evaluation process.
If your unable to clear the ESN we will issue a revised value for your phone based on parts only. At this point you will have another 5 days to decide if you would like to Accept or Decline the revised offer.
Note: Verizon phones can now be checked through their "Activate Phone or Device" page.
If you can not find your device on the site, please Contact Us, and we will research the device and get back to you with an offer.
If you send us a financed phone you can expect the payout to be less as these phones cannot be activated. Select Financed as the condition to receive an accurate offer. If you unknowingly send us a financed phone and don't accept our counter offer, it is the customer's responsibility to pay for the return shipping. We do not accept blacklisted phones. If you send us a blacklisted phone it is the customer's responsibility to pay for return shipping.
Yes, but please be sure to attach the confirmations to each device.
iPhones have a battery health indicator. If your phone has less than 85% battery health you can expect your offer to be approximately $50.00 lower. Flawless and Good condition phones must have at least an 85% battery health.
Please click here to contact us or any other questions or concerns .