Looking for a Profitable Fundraising Idea?

Trade in your previously used phones and get top dollar while supporting animals in need!

Consider launching a fundraiser that puts animal welfare at the heart of your efforts. Everyone loves and supports animal welfare and we know it is a cause that will rally and unite your supporters. If you have another charity in mind, you can still use Cell4Pets as a fundraising platform for the charity of your choice.

We know most people have 1 or more cell phones laying around.  Why not gather these phones and turn them into cash via Cell4Pets.com?  It’s an easy and a very profitable way to raise money for your cause.

Fundraising with Cell4Pets is easy.  Simply ask your supporters to bring in their old phones and tablets and Cell4Pets.com will turn them into cash. Cell4pets.com will arrange and pay for shipping of all the collected devices.

Cell4pets.com will even create a great looking landing page on our website so your supporters can learn more about your fundraiser.

How Fundraising With Cell4Pets Works

Setup Your Fundraiser

Send us the details of your fundraiser and we will create a custom landing page you can share with your audience.

Ship Your Devices To Us

Once the fundraiser is over we provide you with a free trackable pre-paid USPS Priority shipping label for you to use when shipping your item(s) to us.

Receive Payment Fast

We will inspect your devices, provide a complete accounting, and send you a check.

Support Animals in Need

Whether you are raising money for your own organization or for another, you have successfully raised money to help support animals in need. A Win-Win!

Why Choose Cell4Pets?

  • We pay top dollar for your phone while you get to support your organization or the charity of your choice.
  • Personal security.  We erase all personal data and factory reset each and every device as soon as it arrives.
  • We arrange and pay for the shipping of your devices to us.
  • We work with organizations and businesses of all sizes.

*Once we erase and reset we will remarket the devices and a portion of every sale will go to the North Shore Animal League. NSAL is the leader in the ‘No-Kill” movement.  We’re also happy to make the donation to the charity of your choice to coincide with your own fundraising goals.

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