Interested In A No Cost Fundraising Opportunity?

We know it is a particularly tough time right now for our friends running shelters
​​​We have 2 programs that are easy to implement and will not cost your organization a thing.​​
Program #1​​
We create a flyer and/or a web page for your organization offering top dollar for iPhones, iPads and Galaxy phones. We create a coupon code for your patrons and once entered on our site they receive an additional $10.00 for their device and we donate 10% of the value of that phone back to your organization. This can be promoted this through your email database and social media.​ For example if we’re sold a $500.00 phone and add the $10.00 coupon code that’s a $510.00 payout to your patron. We then donate to your organization $51.00. This adds up fast!​​
Program #2​​
Ask your patrons to donate their electronic devices they’re no longer using. Create a social media event, send emails, get the word out any way you like. Set up a bin and collect the devices at your facility. We will arrange shipping of the devices to us and we send you a donation check for half the value of what we collect. For example If 50 phones are collected and they have a value of $2500 we donate $1250.00 back to you.​​
It’s estimated that most people have 2 to 3 devices they’re no longer using sitting in a drawer.​​
Want to schedule a fundraiser?
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How Fundraising With Cell4Pets Works

receive an offer

Setup Your Fundraiser

Send us the details of your fundraiser and we will create flyer you can share with your audience through email, social media or right on your premises.

ship it

Ship Your Devices To Us

Once the collection phase of fundraiser is over provide us with the details of the boxes and we’ll arrange pick up of the devices.


Receive Payment Fast

We will inspect the devices, provide a complete accounting, and send a check.

support animals

Support Animals in Need

Whether you selected Program 1 or Program 2 you have successfully raised money for your organization to help animals in need.


Our mission here at is to find responsible and loving homes for the millions of abandoned and abused dogs and cats. We achieve this by partnering with shelters and creating fundraisers as well as our normal course of business through

Established in 1996 as DHR Enterprises Inc. we began recycling and refurbishing electronics while also becoming an international distributor of computer software.

We made the transition in to cell phones in 2010 with the launch of our buyback site in 2017

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