How To Sell Your Used iPhone Online

If you have an old iPhone and you feel it is time get a new one, selling it is the only way to get a good return. If you are thinking of the question “how to sell my iPhone online?” then this article is for you.
Since there are many trades in for cash options, trade for credit, sell to someone with differing prices from all various possible buyers, it is easy to feel overwhelmed.

Fret not, selling a used mobile phone is just like selling a used car. In both instances, you want to get a good offer that should give you money. But it takes time and may need you to do some prep work, from taking photos of the phone available for sale, writing and publishing an advertisement, dealing with questions, finding the right price, and so on. With the following tips, you will find it easy to sell your iPhone.

Cleaning The Phone And Taking Pictures

Before you start this process, make sure you clean the phone and take note of any kind of chips, marks, or other defects. You will want to be honest about all these things in your description. Keep the screen protector on it to show it does not have bubbles or blemishes. A protective film as another reason people can purchase your mobile phone.

Try to make your old phone look as pleasing as is possible by taking images of the phone under good lighting. You will probably find yourself in a challenging situation if you normally depend on your phone’s camera to take pictures. Just get a friend’s phone or a camera if you do not have one.

How To Find The Right Price 

To determine what cost you should sell the phone for, take a look at the current phone marketplaces to see how much your iPhone will sell. But remember that outcomes may not link directly to what you have in mind, but they ought to give you a good idea of the current rates in the market.

Note what types of scratches and other flaws your phone has and whether the damage can affect the screen, which will affect the value of your phone. Then, look for the prices of other phones in the same state that will provide you with a concept of the phone’s current good price. In case your phone’s screen is actually looking in a mint condition, you are able to most likely sell your phone for a good amount. But if the phone has scratches, not many buyers will be ready to give you good offers.

Last-Minute Preparation

While you are gearing up to market your iPhone, be sure to wipe your data by resetting it to factory settings. Make sure that you have cleaned the iPhone to avoid problems with your client. After that, if somebody offers a good bid you believe you are likely to accept, ask for the payment. Once you get payment, then you can ship out the phone.

Selling Your iPhone

Now that you have read this post, you might feel all set to get out and sell your iPhone! But before you do that, however, ensure that you find an alternative phone which you can use in advance. If you feel like you have to sell your phone really fast, you can either:

  • Sell it directly: If you are trying to sell your old iPhone to another individual directly, make sure to use recognized online classified listings websites. The benefit here is that they will enable you to make the process simple.
  • Sell to a business: Offering your old mobile phone to an online retailer is an excellent method to see your iPhone for money without needing to wait for offers.  Many online providers need you to offer details about your phone’s condition after which they make an offer.
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