sell used Samsung phone online for cash

Where can I sell my old Samsung Phone?

Samsung brand phones are one of the most popular phones we buy back here at  With the success of the Galaxy and Note line of Samsung phones, there are millions of older Samsung model phones not currently in use.  But many people do not realize there are alternatives when it comes to selling your used Samsung phone online other than the cell phone carriers, who usually pay far less than the phone is actually worth.

Sell Your Used Samsung Phone Online For Cash

When it comes time to retire your old Samsung phone you may want to consider selling it rather than just tossing or storing it away. And if you sell it online, don;t sell it back to the cell phone carriers who will give you much less than your Samsung phone is worth.  At we are always on the lookout for Samsung phones as it helps to support our mission of helping animals in need. We’ll gladly make an instant cash offer for your Samsung phone and can typically pay about 30% more than the cell phone carriers will.

We’ll take gladly care of all the shipping and handling costs free of charge and buy back Samsung phones in all conditions. If you happen to own a Samsung phone we’ll pay top dollar for your device and will even pay shipping costs so there are no costs out of pocket for you.

Selling your old Samsung phones via the website is a fast and efficient method of clearing out unused electronic devices while helping needy animals at the same time. You’ll also be assisting the environment since the phones will be kept out of our overloaded landfill sites by being recycled. We have a comprehensive database of Samsung phones online and you just need to locate your specific model.

Find Out How Much Your Used Samsung Phone Is Worth

When you’ve found it and have indicated its current condition we’ll send an instant online cash offer for the device. And unlike the big cell-phone service carriers we’ll buy the phone no matter which company you had a contract with or originally purchased it from. Also, in most instances you’ll find our offer to be approximately 30 per cent more than other buy-back websites. When you’ve accepted the cash quote we’ll send a prepaid, priority shipping label to you from the United States Postal Service. This enables you to ship as many phones to us as you like completely free of charge.

Used Samsung Phones We Buy For Cash

Some of the most popular used Samsung phones we buy back are:

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Samsung Galaxy S6
Samsung Galaxy S6 Duos
Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Duos
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+
Samsung Galaxy S7
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
Samsung Galaxy S7
Samsung Galaxy S8+
Samsung Galaxy S8
Samsung Galaxy S8 Active
Samsung Galaxy S9
Samsung Galaxy S9+
Samsung Galaxy S Light Luxury
Samsung Galaxy S10
Samsung Galaxy S10+

When the shipment reaches us we’ll confirm the condition of the phone and may update the offer if the device is in better or worse condition than expected. If you aren’t happy with an updated offer we’ll be more than happy to send the phone back to you, once again free of charge. If the original or updated offer is accepted we’ll begin processing your payment immediately and can send it electronically. On most occasions you’ll receive payment within three days of receiving shipment.

By selling your old Samsung phones to you’ll be able to receive a fair cash offer for a device you no longer need or use. And just as importantly, you’ll be helping animal shelters find the loving homes for pets that they richly deserve. The entire transaction won’t cost you a penny and will be handled professionally, quickly and securely. is well known for its impeccable and friendly customer service and looks forward to helping you receive a fair price for your old Samsung phone.

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