Where can I sell my old Samsung Phone?

Samsung brand phones are one of the most popular phones we buy back here at Cell4Pets.com.  With the success of the Galaxy and Note line of Samsung phones, there are millions of older Samsung model phones not currently in use.  But many people do not realize there are alternatives when it comes to selling your […]

Where Can I Sell My Old iPhone

The iPhone is the most popular brand of cell phone we buy back from consumers.  There are millions of iPhones that are no longer in use but most people do not know there are alternatives other than selling it back to the cell phone carriers, which typically pay far less than the iPhone is really […]

How Do I Find The Trade In Value For My Phone?

When it comes time to trade in your old, outdated or used cell phone you’re usually at the mercy of the big phone companies and service providers. You’ll often be disappointed by the quote you receive for your old device as you’ll usually be low-balled and offered far below what your phone is actually worth.  […]

How to Sell Your Phone For The Most Money

If you’ve ever traded in a vehicle when buying a new one you’ve probably noticed its value was less than expected. Phones are quite similar as they lose their value quickly due to the frequency of newer models flooding the market on a regular basis. A car depreciates as soon as it’s driven off the […]