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How Do I Find The Trade In Value For My Phone?

When it comes time to trade in your old, outdated or used cell phone you’re usually at the mercy of the big phone companies and service providers. You’ll often be disappointed by the quote you receive for your old device as you’ll usually be low-balled and offered far below what your phone is actually worth.  It’s true that the buy-back and trade-in services they offer can be quite convenient but the fact is you’re not receiving full value for your old phone and that convenience is costing you a lot in terms of money.

To get top dollar for your device it’s recommended that you seek out an independent company when it’s time to trade in your cell phone as they typically pay more. One of the most popular of these is as we generally offer an average of 30% more for your phone campared to the cellular phone companies. This could amount to several hundred dollars if you happen to have a premium model on your hands. In addition, by dealing with you’ll be helping to support organizations that help find loving homes for abused animals in need.

Find out how much your phone is worth here. will gladly offer to purchase your old cell phone regardless of its condition. Of course, phones in tip-top shape will be worth more but all phones are accepted whether they work or not. The phones are then refurbished and re-sold with a portion of the profits going to help animals in need. The exact value of your phone depends on several factors which include the condition of the battery, the function buttons, cracks, scratches and chips on the body and glass, the quality of the LCD screen, and if it’s password protected.

At all years and models of cell phones are accepted and will be offered on. If you’re happy with the quote you can send the phone free of charge (we pay shipping) as you’ll be supplied with pre-paid postage from the U.S. Postal service. It’s a quick and easy risk-free transaction which provides you with better true-market value for your phone.

Sell Your Phone and Support Animals in Need

Sell Your Phone and Support Animals in Need


You then just have to let us know the device’s current condition to receive an instant online cash quote. When the phone is received and inspected payment is sent out within 24 hours electronically via Paypal or you can have a check mailed to your home if you prefer. Before sending your phone be sure to remove all of the personal data from it and cancel service with your provider. You should also remove the SIM card and made sure the device isn’t locked.

Along with helping the North Shore Animal League find homes for abused and abandoned animals the buy-back program also helps keep old cell phones from the nation’s overflowing landfill sites which in turn helps the environment. All models and makes are accepted such as Apple, Sony, iPhone, HTC, Nokia, Blackberry and Samsung etc. In addition, all types of iPads and tablets will receive cash offers.

So if you have one or more phones you’d like to sell it’s definitely worth paying a quick visit to to receive the true market value of the device instead of settling for just a fraction of it. You’ll also be aiding thousands of abused and abandoned animals who are in search of new homes.

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